A Nod to an Anniversary



October 2020

It’s hard for us to believe but… This month marks 25 years of stewardship of The Griswold Inn. Little did we know when we “signed on” to this responsibility those many years ago, that there would be some significant challenges along the way. But – that’s not what we want to focus on now. We want to celebrate the fact that WE ARE STILL HERE! We made it to a quarter of a century!

We take the responsibility of preserving this piece of history – now 244 years in continuous operation and counting – ! – very seriously. Under our watch we’ve tried to achieve the balance between conserving the best of the “old” while continuing to operate very much in the present, keeping relevant in this 21st century. It’s a delicate dance. Over our course we’ve renovated, innovated, re-imagined and now, we’ve “pivoted”. We’ve undertaken extensive renovations to our guest accommodations and our campus; added new dimensions and experiences to The Gris like our Wine Bar which celebrated 15 years this past May; our retail operation Goods & Curiosities ~ The Griswold Inn Store, marking its 10-year anniversary also in May of this year; popular ongoing events like Wine, Women & Wednesdays, our Wine Series and Art Tours; re-imagining ‘The Terrace’ to offer another dining venue during the pandemic; and continuing – and hopefully always improving upon – all of the many traditions, like our December festivities, that make The Gris – The Gris!!!

All modesty aside, we have received literally hundreds of accolades and awards over our time at the helm, all very much appreciated. But, at the risk of sounding sappy or disingenuous, none of those “Best ofs” or favorable reviews have been more important than hearing from each one of you, sharing your experience and what The Gris has meant to you and/or your family  – whether in person, by US Post, e-mail, review sites… All of it. THIS is why we continue to do what we do. It’s not always easy, and boy are we being tested right now, but it is ALWAYS worthwhile. Truly.

It’s the people that make this place come alive, that give it spirit, and a beautiful sense of place – both in the community and in the wider world. And for that we are grateful! People from all over the globe have experienced The Gris and a great number share with us their special connection to this place, its ability to connect deeply after even one experience. For so very many The Gris has been a constant in their lives, playing an important and changing role throughout the years, a gathering spot for family and friends and a backdrop for life’s special markers and milestones. Whether it’s a lively night of Sea Shanties in the Tap Room with the remarkable Cliff Haslam and his Jovial Crew, a celebratory meal in one of our Historic Dining Rooms, a weekend spent with us and exploring the town in which we are so fortunate to be located… We THANK YOU ALL for making your history a part of ours.

Finally, though certainly not least, we acknowledge the myriad of players on our team, both past and present. We’re fortunate to have worked with so many dedicated team members who have contributed to the “long-term success” and vitality of The Gris in important ways over the years and who continue to do so today.

We could write a book! But for now…

With Immense Gratitude,

The Paul Family