This is gorgeous stuff! For all you collectors who have an affinity for all things natural...Below is just a small sampling of what's in store! Beautiful creamy-white ceramics accented in blue and brown.

All Laura Zindel Dinnerware products are made from creamy white high-resistance china. These products are microwave and dishwasher safe, and durable enough for everyday use. Pictured: mugs, espresso cups, tumblers.

Laura Zindel Handmade Ceramics are functional works of art, crafted from earthenware and glazed with non-toxic, low-fire glazes. Hand wash only — they are not to be placed in the dishwasher, oven, or microwave. Pictured: utensil cups, bowls, platters, vases.

 Mug Featuring Sword FernMug Featuring Red-Winged BlackbirdMug Featuring Blackberries

Espresso Cup - MagnoliaEspresso Cup - Oak Moth and Leaf
 Espresso Cup - PartridgeEspresso Cup - Sword Fern

Tumblers - Botanical
Large Oval Platter - QuailRound Platter - Rabbit with Pine Cones - Web Use

 Utensil Cup - Sword FernUtensil Cup Featuring Parasol Mushrooms

    Small Square Bowl - PartridgeSmall Square Bowl - CicadaSmall Square Bowl - Wood Fern

 Jar Trio - Hare, Pinecone, Squirrel - Web UseVegetable

 Zindel Fall Table - Horizontal