Robert Benson Photography

Full Front Exterior Image of Griswold Inn

Close-up of Sea Chanteys Flag and Sign

Dining Room Image with Bookshelves and Mural

Table for Two with Hurricane and Artwork

Dining Room Alcove with Mural and Hurricanes - Historic Dining

Server Opening Wine at Bar - Wine Bar Dining

Ship Model Oliver Cromwell


Kindra Clineff Photography

Women Laughing at Wine Bar Communal Table


Kate Cordsen Photography

Image of Filet Mignon with Green Beans and Wine

Jody Dole Photography


Matthew Klein Photography

All food photography with exception of Filet Mignon/Green Beans and Chef Notes


Melani Lust Photography


Ellen McDermott Photography

Roaring Fire

Tables with Hurricanes and Popcorn Machine

Tea Cup on Old Newspaper

Detail of Essex Map

Hartford Steamship Bell


Kim Tyler

Entertainment with Toasting Table

Mug of Beer

Singer/Guitar Player at Mike

Bartender Drawing Tap


Gale Zucker Photography

Pedestal Sink in Lodging Home Slideshow

Dresser Details in Standard Room Gallery

Junior Suite, Junior Suite Detail, Junior Suite Sitting Area in Junior Suites Gallery

Detail image of Chair and Table in Deluxe Suites Gallery

All images in Superior Suites except Sitting Room

All images in Annex Room

Soap Detail

Bed Post Detail with Fire